Jigsaw Thornbury is able to exist solely through the kindness of a range of people and organisations; from grant funding, donations, legacies, sponsorship and events. This page is dedicated to helping provide some ideas as to how money may be raised to delivering and developing the vital services we provide for the children and families we serve.

Shells Tough Slimmers 

Well, some of us more than others!!

"We are a 'Team' that have formed after meeting at Shell Roberts Slimming World groups that meet in Turnburries Thornbury. 

Apparently the challenge of losing weight isn't enough! So have set ourselves the target of completing/surviving Tough Mudder Southwest in Badminton on 19th August. Just the matter of 13 miles and 20 obstacles standing in our way. Shell, a Tough Mudder veteran, assures us it will be fun. However, we are beginning to think she was lying! Apparently it will bring us together, be character building and give us huge satisfaction. Personally I am just hoping to burn a few extra calories so I can indulge in cake and G&T!
As none of us are hardened athletes (particularly not me!) Sponsorship would be very much appreciated to keep us going. All money raised will go to JIGSAW Thornbury. A local charity that supports families with children with additional needs. A particulary personal charity to my heart. That along with the awesome Slimming World family have helped save my sanity!

Thank You in advance

Rachel with Shell, Lee, Charlie, Alex, Karen, Dan, Mick, Amber, Andy, Ben and Charlotte xx

Fantastic effort, team!!
£660 raised so far!!

We can still take donations from the Tough Mudder. We will publish your (first) name with your message (you can do this within the payment process) to the team below.  If you wish to stay anonymous, please tell us via that message box.
Susan: £10 - Well done Charlotte & Ben from Nan x
Lyn: £10 - Good luck. Lyn x 
Lee: £10 - We are mad doing this but it's for a good cause
Alison: £10: Good Luck Shell.. x
Mark and Lou: £20 - Good luck Dan and Karen etc .best of luck
Annette: £5 - Good luck ladies, have lots of fun, from Annette xx
Simon: £10 - Good luck Rachel and team! love from the Kitts.xx
Brian: £25 - Good luck. From Brian (Dad)
Sharon: £20 - This is crazy Lee - good luck!!! x
Christina: £10 - Good luck Lee and team 😎
Paul: £5 - Good luck Lee, enjoy it
Mark: £10 - Good luck, Lee and the other Tough Slimmers. I do think you're all mad but I'm sure you'll do really well
Claire: £10 - Good luck to you all! Looking forward to hearing about it in group x
Naomi: £5 - Good luck everyone
Joy: £10 - Good luck Hallam & co!
Chloe: £5 - Good luck dad!
Debra: £10 - Good luck Team Shell x
Susan: £10 - Good luck Char & Ben YFA x
Kate: £5 - Great day for it - remember a towel and change of clothes Lee !!!
Lynn: £25     Tim: £20     Neil: £20     Lynda: £5   
Rachel: £5     Laura: £10     Rachel: £20     Emily: £5   
Sarah: £5     Patrick £10     Stephen: £20     Janet £10 
Sonia: £10     Sean: £5     Tor: £20     Sarah £10
David: £10     Host Event Management £20
Anon: £20     Pauline £20     Michael: £25
Sarah: £20     Jessica £5     Janet: £10      Alison £5
Shell collection: £100      Susan: £10      Charlotte: £15

Liz's Half Marathon

Congratulations, Liz - You raised £910!

 A donation or regular gift

A regular gift or single donation can make a huge difference to what we can do. Take a moment and choose an option below; "subscribe" for a regular gift (use the drop down menu to choose which amount); or "donate" for a one-off gift.
Payment Options


Leaving a legacy in your will can demonstrate how one generation can help the next.  Our organisation is about families and supporting each other and leaving such a gift can be of massive value to those families of children with special educational needs. For more information contact us in confidence.


Whether Belly Dancing or a Summer Ball, events are great fun ways to raise funds.  They also have the advantage of being fun and provide involvement for those wishing to set them up. 

If you have an idea and the desire to move it forward, contact us


Businesses are all part of our community.  Families and friends work for and run these businesses.  Whether sponsoring t-shirts or providing funds for our running costs, sponsorship is incredibly valuable. 

We can provide a sliding scale of how your contribution can help market your business - subject to the degree of your contribution; or, perhaps, you may wish to give anonymously!

For more information contact us

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